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PTFE Valve Stem Packing

A self-forming packing material made of 100% PTFE. It is a round, expanded product, resulting in a fibrillated, High Tensile Strength material that deforms when compressed to fill all surface irregularities. PTFE Stem Packing is self-lubricating, eliminating stem wear, and is unaffected by most common chemicals. It has an operating temperature range of -450ºF to +500ºF, contains no contaminants, and is highly resistant to chemical attack.

PTFE Valve Stem Packing can be used in a wide variety of applications, including Valves and Faucet stems, rotating shafts, reciprocating plungers, stuffing boxes and flanges. It is also an excellent general purpose gasket material that can be used where a high level of chemical resistance is required.

Choose a cross section size and roll length in the table below to buy or find out more about it.

Cross Section size Roll Length
1/16" 50 ft. Roll
3/32" 20 ft. Roll 25 ft. Roll 50 ft. Roll 2500 ft. Roll
1/8" 25 ft. Roll 50 ft. Roll 500 ft. Roll
5/32" 15 ft. Roll 25 ft. Roll 35 ft. Roll 500 ft. Roll 1500 ft. Roll
3/16" 15 ft. Roll 25 ft. Roll 500 ft. Roll
7/32" 10 ft. Roll 15 ft. Roll 25 ft. Roll
1/4" 12 ft. Roll 200 ft. Roll
9/32" 9 ft. Roll 15 ft. Roll
5/16" 7 ft. Roll
3/8" 7 ft. Roll
1/2" 12 ft. Roll
ptfe valve stem packing