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Custom Gaskets and Parts

We can help you create the custom gaskets and parts large or small that you need from a variety of materials including rubber, compressed non-asbestos and PTFE from brands like Garlock, Gore, and Thermoseal or high value equivalents. We offer very short turnaround times. We also store your custom gasket in our system, so re-ordering your part is only a few clicks away.

Our custom capabilities include:

  • 95% of our parts are made to order.
  • We can cut most shapes on our CNC cutter which results in accurate, flat shapes with no bevels.
  • You can send in custom drawings to ensure you get exactly what you want. DXF files are highly prefered.
  • We cut most parts from sheet and roll stock. Max width is generally 36" - 48" for rubber and 60" for gasket materials.
  • We can cut custom strips of solid rubber up to 25ft in length. We can also cut custom sponge rubber strip roll sizes. (May be subject to qty minimums)
  • Peel and stick adhesive backing is available for most materials. * acrylic adhesive is intended to aid positioning during installation and may not be suitible for all applications. Please contact us with any questions
  • We also make custom metal gaskets which include: spiral wound, jacketed, camprofile, corrugated, solid, filler/facing

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