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EQ 250 - Vegetable Fiber Gasket Material

EQ 250 - VEGETABLE FIBER GRADE "A" is a premium grade of vegetable fiber gasket material sheet packing, efficiently saturated with a glue-glycerine impregnant rendered insoluble by means of a tanning agent (formaldehyde) to give a strong, flexible, all-proof packing with properties retained during proper storage and in use. EQ250 is plant fibre, chemically treated to resist coal tar, oils, water, alcohol, grease, air, gas, gasoline and solvents of all kinds. EQ 250 Recommended for all oil, grease, water, gasoline flange connections on trucks , tractors, automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, and industrial motors.

EQ 250 Vegetable Fiber Sheets are available in the following sizes and thicknesses:

Thickness To Buy, Click on a Sheet Size Below
.006" 36" Roll
.010" 36" Roll
.015" 36" Roll
.021" 36" Roll
.032"(1/32") 36" Roll
.062"(1/16") 36" Roll
.094"(3/32") 36" Roll
.125"(1/8") 36" Roll

vegetable fiber gasket material specs

vegetable fiber gasket material sheet