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Sealing Washers

Cork and Rubber Sealing Washers

Cork Rubber—Washers made from this blend of cork granules and neoprene are highly compressible with excellent cushioning and vibration damping properties. Oil and fuel resistant, the material also meets ASTMP2256A. Temperature range is -10° to +120° F. Durometer hardness is 65A. Color is tan.

Expanded PTFE Sealing Washers

Expanded PTFE—Softer and more flexible than standard PTFE, these washers conform easily to irregular surfaces and will not discolor. Resistant to salts, water, steam, grease, oil, detergents, alkalies(excluding molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine),and acids. Temperature range is -200° to +400° F. Not rated for hardness. Color is white.

Buna and Aramid Sealing Washers

Aramid/Buna-N—Made from strong aramid fibers with a Buna-N binder, these washers resist mild acids, most alkalies, salt, water, steam, grease, oil, and detergents.Materials meet ASTM F104. Temperature range is -20°to +460° F. Durometer hardness is 70A. Color is green.