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Carbon Fiber Yarn Packing
Garlock Style 5000: LATTICE BRAID® carbon fiber impregnated with PTFE, hi-temp break-in lube
Equalseal EQP-2500: Interlock Braid with PTFE dispersion
Service Temperature Limits in Air
Garlock Style 5000: -328 to 600ºF (-200 to 315ºC)
Equalseal EQP-2500: 600º F (315º C)
pH Rating
Garlock Style 5000: 0-14 (except strong oxidizers)
Equalseal EQP-2500: 0-14
Pressure Rating
Garlock Style 5000: 500 psi/35 Bar
Equalseal EQP-2500: 500 psi/35 Bar
Shaft Speed
Garlock Style 5000: to 3,000 FPM/15 MPS
Equalseal EQP-2500: to 3,000 FPM/15 MPS
Price per Lb. (3/8" and Up)
Garlock Style 5000: G5000-0375-010
Equalseal EQP-2500: EQP2500-0375